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St. Paul’s Church


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The green light of Summer

The Summer sure is lush here in NEPA! Scenes from Stonehenge Gardens, Tamaqua PA and the Sugarloaf Valley.

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Nova Scotia


Scenes from; Yarmouth & Acadian Shores, South Shore Halifax area, Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley.

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Prince Edward Island


Cavendish National Park, Malpeque Bay, P.E.I.

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Joggins Fosill Cliffs, Bay of Fundy


These magnificently exposed layers of rock reveal the world’s most complete fossil record of life in the “Coal Age” when lush forests covered Joggins and much of the world’s tropics, 300 million years ago.

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Train, Train


All aboard!

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Piano Time


Old grand & upright pianos in an old school – Drums, PA.

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Behrens’ Dairy


Abandoned Dairy Farm – Jim Thorpe, PA

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Vogel Farm – Weatherly, PA

Vogel Farm, Weatherly, PA, Beverage signs

Scenes from Vogel Farm in Weatherly, PA

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c4fap entries

hold the phone

hold the phone

Entries into Center for Fine Art Photography (Black & White). Read more